Saturday, October 29, 2016

Library History session at IFLA 2016 Columbus: Few Photos

Hello Library History friends

Our session at the Columbus conference was well attended and many thanks to all who came.  We had a lovely spread of papers with three of our four presenters able to attend- from left to right: Ray Pun who delivered the paper Recalling an Arab American Dream: The Story and Legacy of Ameen Rihani's novel The Book of Khalid and The New York Public Library, session Chair yours truly Kerry Smith, Irene Munster who delivered Spreading the roots: Origin of Jewish libraries in Argentina, and Dr Sharon McQueen who gave her paper May Massee and the Buffalo Public Library: Service to Immigrant Children, 1906-1912.  Our 4th paper presenter Dr Suzanne Stauffer was unable to attend. As some of you will recall Baton Rouge experienced serious weather and flooding during the conference and whilst Suzanne and family who live there came through this, she was unable to leave town.  You can read her paper From Saigon to Baton Rouge :  East Baton Rouge Parish Library and Vietnamese Refugees, 1975-1985 (which I read at the session) and the others by browsing the  IFLA library    I am working with Sharon McQueen to get her paper up as soon as we can.

Kerry Smith, Convenor IFLA Library History SIG

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